Sierra and Mike

I took this photo right before we hugged these two goodbye and sent them off on their next life adventure. Mike has an awesome new job in Utah county at Verio. It's a huge company that offers online business solutions to businesses worldwide. Mike graduated from USU in 2012 in Management Information Systems and worked an IT job at Icon to get some good experience. And he went "above and beyond" and studied, took exams, and became Red Hat certified...that's a good step in the IT world. It all paid off, and he's about to start something new and challenging. Meanwhile, Sierra finished school, finished student teaching, worked several jobs, and graduated in December. Her major was Special Education and her student teaching was with older high school and post-high school students. Everyone says it and I agree that it takes a very wonderful person to do the kind of work Sierra does and loves.
They're not going far, but for Scott and me it's pretty huge because we loved having them here in town as they dated, were engaged. and during their first year of marriage. They'd come to the house to hang out and do their laundry and for Sunday dinner. Now we're alone in Logan. All of our kids and grandkids live out of the valley...though thankfully, within easy driving distance. We know we'll be spending lots of hours in the car between here and Las Vegas with stops in Salt Lake, American Fork, and Orem.
I love all the Keep Calm signs. This one is perfect for Mike and Sierra's past, present and future!