* Ringing in 2014 *

We started our New Year's Eve celebration at a restaurant that had a special buffet. We've eaten there for several years for New Year's Eve. We always take the last seating which starts at 8:30, but it's usually pretty crowded when we arrive. Well, last night was way different with very few customers and all the help in "go home mode" (yet it was still three hours until the new year). We laughed our way through our meal because the place was weirdly quiet (their sound system was "broken") and the waiters abandoned us to get ahead of us in the buffet line then go eat on the other end of the room...you can see them in the background. 
It was so pathetic it was funny. We had to get our own pitchers of water and clear our own plates. The dessert table was mostly empty - only the cookies were left. We had fun in spite of all of the above. As always, our friend Marty put a positive spin on it by saying, "It was like we had our own private dining room." 
After dinner we went to Ken and Marty's house. That's Marty with dark hair and my sister-in-law Lesa.

Marty always creates beautiful table settings with beautiful flowers that she arranges and lovely dishes. 

We were so full from dinner that we only had sparkling cider and ginger ale to drink.

 The girls.

The guys. Scott couldn't help himself.