[haPpy haLLoween ]

I just went for a short walk - it's a most amazing autumn afternoon - 67 degrees, sunshine, and pretty white clouds in the sky. My front porch is ready to welcome trick or treaters and there are twelve bags of candy waiting in a basket by the door. Even though our neighbor has precious few kids, we do get "import" trick or treaters from other parts of town.

My little Halloween quilt is hanging in the back entry. I can't really call it a quilt yet - it's not quilted, just pieced. But it's too cute to not hang - the size is about 36 x 40 inches. I started making Kimberbell's Halloween Table Runner last week and ended up changing it to this quilt - because I really wanted a Halloween-themed quilt right here.
(Kimberbell Designs is the company I work for.)

A sad story about my front-strip pumpkin patch. On Saturday night I bought three BIG pumpkins to put in the strip - the other pumpkins are fake ones (eek...fake!). I carefully placed the real pumpkins among the fake ones so it looked just right. And I have to say, they were heavy and it was a LOT of work. Sunday morning Scott went out to get the newspaper. He came in and said, "I thought you put some real pumpkins out front." I'm thinking, "Duh - they're out there, dear." I went to the front door and I'll be darned, my big REAL pumpkins were gone. I was so mad. Why would people steal pumpkins?
(I went and bought more on Monday and so far they've been OK.) 

I love our back yard in the fall. We're not obsessive about cleaning up leaves. I love to swish through them.
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