{ more red }

The other day - one of the last warm days - I was standing on our patio and noticing all the red around our house. I grabbed the camera and headed outside.

Most of the leaves in the valley and in our yard are still green, and there are still flowers here and there. I lobe this pretty bush that I planted in June - I don't even remember what it's called (anyone?), nor did I expect it to stay alive, but it has done well in a little spot by the rock wall (in full sun).

I love the red pad on our new trampoline (story coming someday). 

The crab apple tree is loaded this year. 

Yes, that car again. But it's red and this blog post is about red so there it is. Today the car got a new antenna. Hopefully the radio will work so Scott can catch a paragraph of Dave Ramsey on the way to and from work. 

We have about a billion cotoneaster plants. I used to labor over pruning them, or we'd pay someone else to do it. Then I observed that the more we pruned, the more they grew. So now we just let them do their thing. The red berries are beautiful and abundant throughout our yard.
We planted climbing roses along a cement wall next to our driveway. They bring so much happiness to me as I drive in and out. Sometimes I pick one or two to sit in a little vase above my sink. 
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