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I still remember that day in 1985, when Scott pulled into the driveway of our Foothill Drive house with a brand new sports car.

It was a cool Pontiac FIERO! Way cool then. I've never been so shocked, because it's not like Scott to buy a new car - and especially to do it on his own without telling me. The kids were excited. Now remember, this was 1985. Mike (who is now graduated from college and engaged) wasn't even born but was "on the way." Aaron who now has four kids and a great career was nine. Suz and Becky were seven and three. It was a long time ago.

We still have that car. Scott has subbornly held onto the Fiero. I gave up begging him to get a new car a long time ago. He always replies with a statement that I can't argue with, "The Fiero is paid for." Scott has no pride when it comes to cars...seriously. He'd rather drive a paid-for car than a nice-looking car. I swear we spend the same amount on repairs, but then he shows me the taxes and registration fees, and I can't argue. (I won't even mention the 1996 purple mini van that we're still driving. It's paid for too.)
The Fiero is showing its age. These pictures make it look younger and better than it does in real life (as all photos should). Scott had me take the photos when it was wet and shiny after being washed so it looked better.

Notice the mileage. Nearly 63,000 miles. That's all. The car pretty much just travels to Scott's work and back home - a two-minute drive of under a mile. Down and back up that hill, twice a day.

It has a few cracks and wrinkles. The interior is kind of sun-dried. It has other issues like the heater and emergency brake. I don't drive it anymore - not after I drove it to the mall and parked in the parking lot. When I walked out to drive home, I saw that the Fiero had rolled into the middle of the parking lot road. Thankfully it didn't hit another car.

It's going to be worth a lot of money someday! It became a "vintage car" last year when it turned 25. Scott says it's worth about $5,000 now - which to quote him, "That's pretty good when it only cost $10."
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