- just thinking -

Today is June first. Summer has arrived and I'm loving the blue skies and warmer temperatures. And it smells so good outside. Right now, I'm sitting beside an open window and breathing in air that smells sort of grassy and flower-y and fresh. It's good for me to be taking deep breaths of the fragrant night air. (Good for anybody - I think we all have a tendency toward shallow breathing.)

I've been working in my yard and getting some good exercise while pulling weeds and digging in dirt. It's amazing how "out of shape" I feel after three months of pretty much not exercising except for a bit of walking. Today I bought the last of the flowers I'll be planting - not so many this year because the perennials I've planted over the past couple of summers are finally starting to fill up the flower garden - exactly as I planned so I won't have to spend so much time and money planting annuals in my back yard.

We went to a wedding reception this evening, and it was so fun and creative and charming. I love that couples are putting so much personality into their wedding celebrations. I love the sharing that goes on on the internet. I feel it fuels creativity and generates ideas.