+ pots planted yippee +

I guess you could call it my hobby. I enjoy buying flowers and planting them in pots for my front porch and yard. I've spent the past week (off and on) finding flowers I like and getting them planted. I only lost one plant - you can see the wilted mint plant in the box behind me. It needed to go in the ground a lot sooner. The other flowers are beautiful...I love the bright colors. The geraniums were just gorgeous this year.

Scott has figured out an easy way to haul the heavy pots from the backyard to the front. He spent the whole evening cleaning leaves out of our shrubs and bushes. Bags and bags of leaves. We always have a huge leaf cleanup in the spring because our ornamental pear trees don't drop their leaves until January or February. 

This is my favorite flower pot of all. I planted it with all pink flowers in honor of the arrival of two little granddaughters in the past year. Baby Claire and Baby Lizzie are as pretty as the pink flowers I chose and planted. And they bring so much joy to their families and to us. Each time I water these flowers, I'll think of those precious babies and say a prayer of gratitude.  
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