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6 Fool Proof Ways to Make A Difference

                                                      Jennifer Louden  

I like these suggestions from life coach and blogger Jennifer Louden. I follow her blog because I like her writing and her lively voice. I find that her approach is "not the usual," and she simply inspires me. She's always realistic about the fact that we WANT to serve and make a difference but sometimes don't have the ability to take on HUGE projects. Her ideas below are filled with small but meaningful things everyone can accomplish. Here are six great ways to serve: 


Acknowledge that you want to. Feel into the ache in your heart or the tug in your belly.  Bow to your desire.
Maybe your desire is to educate girls, end under-earning, heal veterans, open a dialogue between warring neighbors, stop bullying in your kid’s school, get people dancing…. whatever it is, embrace your longing.
Here’s the secret that will set you free: the longing doesn’t go away. Ever. It’s  your fuel. And your compass. Listen to its insistent whispers. Learn to live with the itch.


Stand up to any voice – internal or external – that says you can’t make a difference. Or at least not the way you really want to.  Give those voices a cup of tea – or a shot of tequila – and say, “I know you’re afraid I’ll get hurt, look like a fool, lose my shirt, break my heart, get burned out. I understand. I’ll do my best to take care of me and here I go.”
We are all afraid. We’ve got that going for us.


Step away from the idea that changing the world = big. The world is changed one relationship at a time. One story. One handshake. One hug.
It has nothing to do with bigness. This is hard for our egos. Oh well, what isn’t?


Stop thinking changing the world means you have to be someone different than you are right now or learn something new or take another course in discovering your life purpose. 


Instead, notice what you can’t help but do and go offer that to someone today.  Love to write? Go help the kid who lives on the corner with his college application. Too much? Write someone an actual note telling them something they do that makes a difference.
Believe in the power of raw food to heal? Make a raw food meal for a friend or two without telling them it’s raw or making a big deal out of it.
Love to love? Ride the subway at rush hour and direct loving kindness at each person.
Have no time for any of this? Cool, why not concentrate on shrinking your carbon footprint? Doing so can save you time, energy and money so hot diggity dog. Plus if we all did it, wow-wee!


Exult in the truth we are all one. Savor & serve. Self-care & world-care. Breathe in, breathe out. No separation.