* mom's day *

We celebrated a lovely Mother's Day at Aaron and Aimee's house. Aimee fixed a wonderful dinner. As always, she had fresh flowers on the table with her pretty china and serving dishes. She's a very busy mom of four and deserved the day off instead of cooking for extras. Thanks Aimee - we appreciated everything and we love you. The day got even better when Becky, Pitt and Emmett walked in. Becky is also a busy mom to little Emmett. We're so proud of her. Suzie and Winston couldn't come, but we talked to them on Facetime and expressed our gratitude for their little baby girl and the miracle of her birth and it being Suzie's first Mother's Day. 
We had a little photo session with me and my kids - including Suzie's face on the iPad held by Brookie. 

We played a few rounds of the thimble-with-water-in-it guessing game. What's more fun...the anticipation of getting water splashed on you or being the one that pours it on?

Here are three of my favorite moms:

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