Mike's USU graduation

Wow - the last kid is done! Mike graduated from Utah State University on Saturday, May 5. We were thrilled as he walked in the processional with the other graduates. His degree was a                          Bachelors of Science in Business with a minor in Japanese.

Mike is wearing the rope that represents honors from the Japanese National Honor Society for outstanding achievement at the post-secondary level of Japanese language studies.

Mike with good (best) friends Thomas Williams and Ty Mortensen. These guys spent many hours filling our house with music as they had band practice in our basement over the past few years. 

Mike's name is read as he walks across the stage with other graduates from the MIS Department of the Huntsman School of Business. (Management Information Systems.)

I love this shot that Scott took of Mike walking to his seat holding up his diploma.

Ever supportive and proud grandparents - my mom and dad, Evan and Jean Stevenson.

The girls that love him - his sister Becky, his happy mom, and his cutie girlfriend Sierra Larsen.           Becky's hubby Pitt is in the background trying to figure out just how long this program is going to take. 

We had a yummy lunch at a Japanese grill restaurant called Kibuki. Joining us were Sierra's parents       Bryce and Leslie Larsen from Cedar Hills. It was wonderful that they could join us for our lunch celebration.  
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Jeff Barton said...

Thanks for posting, and way to go Michael!

joyfulobsession said...

Yeah Mike! Looks like it was a wonderful day! I have been wanting to try Kabuki but Matt is skeptical if it is good you will have to tell him you liked it, maybe then he will be convinced haha.