Forecast: SUNSHINE!

Whew! One down and three to go. Meetings that I'm in charge of, that is. Last night was our Relief Society Stake Leadership Meeting. I was grateful for the rain yesterday, because that made our theme seem very appropriate. The subject of our meeting was the church welfare program and what we're doing locally to prepare for disasters, both natural and economic. We had our area Emergency Preparedness specialist, Virginia Ratliff, talk to the ladies about what is going on in our area - such as CERT training, block captains for disaster relief, first aid updates, and personal and family preparedness (72-hour Kits, etc.). She was great. We decorated with umbrellas and spring flowers, and had cookies and a yummy slush with little umbrellas in it for refreshments. I have great counselors and secretary who help so much. We had 25 women in attendance - what a bunch of amazing women! This was the title on our invitations.
Forecast Showers: with a promise of Sunshine

Tomorrow is our big Stake Enrichment Service Day - I'll be glad to get that one finished. We've been working on all the details for months. Everything is coming together, except the unknown of how many women will come to help with the service project. We are setting up this afternoon and are hoping for 25 sewing machines, 10 sergers, 6 irons and lots of scissors. We are also setting tables for a lovely brunch - with Karen Wood as chair - so you know it'll be gourmet. Tomorrow will bring sunshine in many ways for me. The fourth thing is that we have a ward conference to go to on Sunday with each of us in the presidency speaking in Relief Society. Three different events with three themes; I'm about themed out!