women-to-women service day

Today was our Humanitarian Service day. Big sigh of relief - I am so thrilled because it was a great day. We had a good response and finished all of our projects! Above is a picture of the invitations we handed out, designed by my boss, Georgana Hall, and printed at Sam's Club as a 4x6 photo. Great way to produce 800 'cute' invitations quickly. I thought Georgana did a great job.

This is the big poster with our theme, "Live Simply, Give More, Expect Less." We borrowed the theme from my daughter Suzie's stake women's conference in Las Vegas. Thanks LV!

This event started with our desire to have a Saturday of nice Relief Society service projects like quilts and baby bibs - easy things that everyone likes to do. We recruited Patty Grewe (above right with Jeri Anderson) to be the project chairman and she had some fun plans. We went to the Humanitarian Center for materials and they offered us a huge project - not something cute like we had in mind, but a pilot program called Feminine Hygiene Kits. Our job was to make the reusable cloth sanitary pads and holders that would be included in a kit and sent to third world countries where women and teenage girls have no products like we have for their monthly period. We learned that the women end up staying at home and missing work and school during one week of every month. Several international relief agencies are working on ways to help with this problem. This Feminine Hygiene Kit is in a drawstring bag and includes four pair of underpants, 16 cloth sanitary pads, 4 holders for the pads, nail clippers and a ziplock baggie. Our assignment was to sew 800 holders and 1600 pads. At first I was overwhelmed and almost said no. We had a meeting and our food chairman for the event, Karen Wood, encouraged me that there would be no project more satisfying and fulfilling that helping other women in this regard. My counselors and Patty jumped in with enthusiasm and started advertising and recruiting help. Once we explained this project to women in our area, they got excited and eager to be part of it. We also made three quilts and eight 'hugs,' which I can't explain but I'll get a photo sometime soon.

Karen Wood, below, was our food chairman. She - and her committee which included my co-worker/friend Janet Parker - fixed a beautiful brunch of roasted vegetable frittata; green salad with dressing, craisins, and sugared almonds; homemade whole wheat bread; homemade (yesterday by Karen) strawberry jam; and an assortment of cookies and fruit. It was absolutely delicious. Everyone loved it and in between sewing or quilting, they enjoyed sitting and visiting over fabulously-prepared food.

Our centerpieces were pretend cherry blossoms, borrowed from Shelley Dodd. They are darling in real life - she made from from real branches with tissue paper flowers. We placed them on squares of Adornit scrapbook paper and the tables looked cute.

Enjoy the photos, I'll explain more tomorrow!

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