hAppY biRthdAy dear BeCky

Yesterday, April 25, was Becky's birthday - Happy Birthday daughter! Our celebration started with lunch at "The Grove Deli and Market" where we got the biggest, I mean, hugest sandwiches I have ever seen. Delicious. Go there SOON, but save some money and calories by sharing a sandwich. It's on about 2050 South and 50 West in SLC. Did we get photos of those sandwiches Becky and Pitt??

After lunch, Becky and I headed to Gateway for a little birthday shopping. Went to the Shades store and got her a new swimsuit and a cute gray skirt. Wandered through Barnes and Noble and Sur La Table*. I bought a book I have heard is pretty good. The name of the book is - just a sec, I have to jump over to Amazon because I can never remember the crazy name of that book...oh yea,
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I'll tell you if I like it.

Back to Becky's special day. We went back to her house and they ordered yummy pizza. We made a salad and cut the jello jigglers. We had fun seeing old friends of Becky's and meeting new ones. It was a fine day - except for the freezing cold weather, but then, that doesn't even phase us anymore does it?

*Sur La Table has one of the more interesting commercial Facebook sites - check it out here.