[ still scrapping ]

Finished four more pages of my Yellowstone/Island Park scrapbook using the Adornit Busy Women Scrapbook Kit (for links see previous post). All this and there's still more 'stuff.' I can't believe it. The only thing that isn't from the kit is the alphabet letters I used for titles i.e. Henry's Lake. And, I know, I need to learn to bounce the flash off the ceiling or something so I don't have to take my photos on an angle. Georgana?


Eileen said...

OK. Why does this stress you?! These are AWESOME!

It was fun to see you Sat. Thanks again for coming.

skinestr (a very timely word verification!)

Georgana said...

my suggestion on taking pictures is to do it with your flash off. you will need to be in a room with good lighting or wait until daytime and use good natural light.