and no, I didn't donate.....

Well, I've been out of the blogging and scrapbooking groove that last few days. I still have four scrapbook layouts to show you - and all that journaling I talked about, but I'm going to save that for another day and tell you what I learned on TV this evening. I'm not much of a TV watcher, but lately I've had to rest quite a bit (more than I ever expected) and that's when I appreciate the TV remote. I can flip through lots of channels in a short amount of time.

I stumbled upon one of those PBS fund-raising shows - this one was about developing your brain-power by Dr. Daniel Amen. This guy was really good, and as he talked I grabbed my laptop and wrote down some of his best suggestions. In addition to teaching about how to improve (or destroy) your brain and what foods are best for the brain, he talks a lot about psychological wellness:

Four things to consider when you have negative thoughts:

1. Is the negative thought true? Simply, is it true? Think about a negative thought that you consistently have and ask yourself, "Can I know it's true with 100% certainty?"

2. How do I feel when I have the thought?

3. How would I feel or who would I be if i didn't have the thought?

4. How can I turn the original thought around and make it 'untrue'?

This speaker also discusses brain chemistry. brain scans, ADD and Alzheimer's Disease. In a quick Google search, I found an article on quackwatch.com that really slammed Dr. Amen. Maybe his brain scan earnings qualify him as a quack - I don't know. But I do think that the points about thoughts can be well taken and helpful in most lives.

My closing thought: I AM SO GLAD FEBRUARY IS OVER. I'M SO DONE WITH 33 degrees and holding.