"Start slow and taper off."

"How lovely it is to rest and then do nothing afterward." Spanish proverb

"Start slow and taper off." Walt Stack

"Life is a series of relapses and recoveries." George Ade

Oh, the heaven of it - to be forced to relax! I have a stack of books, a few new and several old favorites, that I've been reading the past week. This book, Change Your Life without Getting out of Bed, written by Susan Kennedy, otherwise known as SARK, is one of the best. It's full of nuggets of wisdom and good advice - accompanied by cute hand-drawn illustrations.

SARK writes: "As adults we need naptimes. We replenish and repair during naps. Napping softens all the edges and smooths the shredded places. Rest adds strength to our souls."

"Nap deprivation is rampant in America. Other countries have siestas. In India, people wrap up in bright cloths and lie down. In America, people keep on doing and going and become very crabby without naps. More naps would result in greater safety, more money and happier people."

"Napping without guilt takes courage, practice and determination. People judge themselves and others for napping - we must free ourselves from nap guilt."

It really is a cute book. I've been napping without guilt lately (it's easy when everyone around you tells you to rest). I hope YOU (and you and you and you) can be inspired to go take a nap too.