- I'm scrapping -

I'm trying something new and different for me - scrapping a whole trip. Challenging myself on my blog yesterday really helped my determination to DO THIS today. I just finished two layouts, with four more half done and four more planned in my mind - and the photos are printed ready to go. I decided to use the entire Adornit Busy Women Scrapbook Kit to scrap our family vacation last summer to Island Park and Yellowstone.

I got a little distracted today and ended up organizing photos instead of actually scrapping. We have a good system of photos in binders - thanks to Scott - but we're behind (who isn't, and it's mainly because we take sooo many photos now with our digital capabilities). SO I spent half the day separating and labeling photos. It's a good sitting-down job that I can do right now. It was quite a trip down memory lane. I'm glad I don't feel compelled to scrap every event in our lives. (Thanks to Stacy Julian for her liberating philosophies.) I pick and choose a select few and have a scrapbook of really special memories. - like the day Scott and Brookie were artists together on the banks of Henry's Lake.