- I'm scrapping -

I'm trying something new and different for me - scrapping a whole trip. Challenging myself on my blog yesterday really helped my determination to DO THIS today. I just finished two layouts, with four more half done and four more planned in my mind - and the photos are printed ready to go. I decided to use the entire Adornit Busy Women Scrapbook Kit to scrap our family vacation last summer to Island Park and Yellowstone.

I got a little distracted today and ended up organizing photos instead of actually scrapping. We have a good system of photos in binders - thanks to Scott - but we're behind (who isn't, and it's mainly because we take sooo many photos now with our digital capabilities). SO I spent half the day separating and labeling photos. It's a good sitting-down job that I can do right now. It was quite a trip down memory lane. I'm glad I don't feel compelled to scrap every event in our lives. (Thanks to Stacy Julian for her liberating philosophies.) I pick and choose a select few and have a scrapbook of really special memories. - like the day Scott and Brookie were artists together on the banks of Henry's Lake.


Courtney and Dorothy said...

Hey Debbie,
How are you feeling? You inspire me to get started again on my scrapbooking. I did get Shand's book finished from mypublishing.com now to start Brandt and Burke's then the grandchildren's. So much work but I did like your comment about PICK the special events and do at least those because it would take forever and millions of books to do ALL the pictures that I have. I do enjoy reading your blog. Hope you get better real soon.

Eileen said...

I love that you are a scrapbooker!!! I have had the bug (to scrapbook) waaaay bad this winter. I've done more pages since January than I did the whole 2008.

Invite me over.


Georgana said...

You did awesome Debbie!!! Love them.

Merilee said...

I noticed the time on your post. 1:11 am Whoa! you have a goal. Loved reading about yellowstone on your scrapbook page. You make all the fun paper and what nots highlight your photos. What a cute family!