{ Valentine's Day revisited }

Just had to post a few precious photos from Valentine's Day. The shot below is me opening the card and gift that Scott got me. He gave me a gorgeous fluffy red robe - because I was so embarrassed in the hospital by the old ratty blue robe that I took. (Didn't realize I'd be shuffling around the corridors doing my three laps every morning and afternoon.) So Scott knew what I wanted and got it for me, wrapped it up and also gave me a very sweet card with a recorded message.

The thing that is funny about the photo of me is my goofy eye - and then Scott imitating my 'squinky' eye in the next photo. He could hardly take my pictures he was laughing so hard at how for me, unless I really concentrate, one eye is always more open than the other. It's not funny - I could be quite traumatized by it. What's more, he's an eye doctor, and it's very undignified for an eye doctor to tease someone with a squinky eye. Good thing I'm such a good sport.
On to some more Valentine happiness. Pitt has a great tradition of sending tulips to Becky for Valentine's Day. This year they were in Logan so he had them delivered to our house and I got to watch the opening. The combination of tulips and iris was beautiful - and as the flowers opened they just got more and more breathtaking.
This was a fun Valentine surprise that Suzie sent from Las Vegas. She made a bunch of these wood block sets with her twelve and thirteen-year-old girls in church. Cuter than anything I found in blogland (see previous post) and a fun gift from the heart.
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