{ darn recession anyway }

Spent half the day trying to sort and organize papers. Papers papers papers. January is slipping away and my goal was to get all my paper mess cleaned up this month. I have a horrible post-it note habit and I scribble endless notes as thoughts occur - like songs I want to download or blogs I want to check out. I had good discipline and didn't go to the computer every other hour like I would have liked, but stayed at my desk and kept sorting. I filled two garbage cans with papers. Yea. After dinner I allowed myself to check out one blog - I deserved it. It's a cute one called http://littlefrenchgardenhouse.blogspot.com/ I was getting quite a kick out of reading her posts until I came to the one where she mentioned that Country Home magazine is going out. I really liked that magazine and have subscribed to it off and on for years. I'm sad to see it go. I went to the website to confirm the bad news, and in the process I discovered that another magazine that I have looked at often in the grocery store line, Cottage Living, is also closing. This news on top of last week's announcement that SIMPLE Scrapbooks is no more. Takes your breath away. I'd like to write each of them a thank-you note for all the pretty pictures and good articles and inspiration over the years!