* piNk stRipes *




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We have a new under-the-stairs playroom for the little granddaughters - the room was used for storage of 'lots of stuff' until the our recent basement remodel. Now it's a cute little playroom with a window cut through the wall that Marty designed. The girls LOVE it. They play house, bakery, restaurant, and bank through the 'drive-through' window. We wanted to paint stripes on the room, but for us, that project was overwhelming so the room has just been white for six months. Last week we were at Home Depot looking at books in the painting section about how to paint stripes on walls. I made a comment to the Home Depot paint employee that I wished they just had stripes of vinyl that I could apply to the wall. (We have a new line of vinyl decals product called Wall Play at Adornit...so since I had been writing words for the packaging I was 'into' the idea.) The Home Depot girl took us over to a little display of vinyl rub-ons, and I about flipped when I saw the big pink stripes. They were slick to apply - Scott got the job done in an evening - and they are cute as can be. We were planning to paint the stripes a spring green color, but the pink is a fine color and actually perfectly matches the girls' Princess Tea Set.