Happy Birthday dear Bailee

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Today is Bailee's 5th birthday. Hard to believe she's 5. Bailee is the little one in the photo - it's one of my favorite photos ever - it's from 2 1/2 years ago. Brookelyn and Bailee were flower girls at our cousin's wedding. The photo was taken by Bridgette of BNB Photo - with a little unprofessional cropping and editing by me. Bailee is my sweeet little granddaughter that loves playdoh, pretending, playing with Barbies, and coloring. I went to her house today and she was still in her princess costume from the darling princess tea party her mom had given her. Bailee was delighted with every gift she got. Bless her little heart, she just wanted time to stand still so she could play with her presents.


Eileen said...

Oh my word. I am completely in love with that photo! Which one is Bailee?

atiouky (that's a weird one!)

Debbie said...

Bailee is the little one.

Becky said...

t was SO good of you to go see her! Aaron was very happy that you made the trip, and By is always happy to see her Grammy. Love you mom!