Rock Band rocks (my music) - it's so funny

We hit the entertainment jackpot this year when we got Guitar Hero ll for MIke fof Christmas. We've had dozens of kids in our basement rocking out to the likes of Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Kiss, and more. Many of the songs and groups are straight from the 70's - I hear strains of songs I haven't even thought of for 30 years and I'll be darned: I can sing almost every word. Sometimes I stand in the doorway of the TV room where they are playing and proclaim, "That's MY music." Yes, the best music is from when I was a teen. The music from the eighties (like La Bamba) is just, well, so eighties. These photos are mostly Merilee's family - look at how proud Mer is of Val's karaoke talents.

Merilee is enjoying her sons and their wives (and her hubby Val) as they rock the night away. We all loved it when Val got in on the fun!