{ earLy spRIng }

I'm just going to say it, "I love that we're having an early spring and a warm, snowless March!" And I'm not going to follow up with, "I know we need the water, but..." I'm so tired of that conversation. I talked that talk at the dentist today, and I then came right out and admitted that I don't really care about the upcoming drought...I have JUST LOVED not being cold for the past eight weeks. The dental assistant looked at me like she needed to send for the sheriff. Oh well...

I'm not going to dilute my joy with the obligatory, "But we'll pay for it in August." Or the sad truth, "The ski resorts have suffered." Rather, I'm shouting to the world that this has been the best winter ever, and (almost) everyone has been in such a good mood! Most of all, me!