Lucky Us!

Happy St. Patrick's Day and what a lovely day it was. The temperatures continue to be unseasonably mild and today was another of those "I just can't believe it" days.

Did you find a four-leaf clover as a kid? I remember searching and searching for one - like for summers on end. Our grass was filled with clover and finding a four-leaf clover happened to almost everyone... and then it happened to me. I still remember the excitement I felt when I found my special clover. And from then on, I was lucky. (Except in junior high when I was under-confident, awkward and not one of the popular girls.) 

I feel very lucky today. Mostly, I'm lucky because of my great family...specifically, seven awesome grandkids. I love each of them so much. Each one is adorable, smart, and outstanding. None of them lives here in Logan - but we get to see them quite often, and it's always a treat. 

In searching for photos of each of them, I realize I need to kick it up a notch! Their moms won't believe that these are the best individual photos I have out of 20 million photos on my camera roll. 

Brookelyn - 8th grade

Bailee - 5th grade

Carter - 1st grade

Claire - 3 1/2

Lizzie - 3 1/2

Emmett - 5 1/2

Hollis - 2 1/2