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Speaking of Orla Kiely...here are some favorite images from this designer that I've loved for many years. I first bought an Orla Kiely notebook in (of all places) Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Scott was taking a painting class, and I had some time to wander through the shops downtown. I had planned to stitch while he painted, but finished my project quickly and went looking for something to do. (This was before laptops.) When I saw the little notebook I was tempted jump up and down right there in the shop. It was just what I needed to fill my time. And the graphic design was so happy! I wrote a lot in that notebook over the next few days.
Orla Kiely is an Irish designer based in London. She received a degree in art and design in Dublin then worked in New York and London - where she designed for Esprit. In 1997, she started to design handbags and soon was selling many many out of her home. With the help of her husband, her company became successful very quickly.

My next Orla Kiely find was a journal in a little shop in the Cincinnati airport. We had a long layover on the way to...where?..so I decided to go walking. My walk took me to a little shop with an unexpected corner filled with Orla bags, home decor items, and notebooks. I loved it. (I also remember buying a book in that shop called "I Will Not Die an Unlived Life" by Donna Markova.) 
One day, when I was in a Target store, I stumbled onto an Orla Kiely section! Of all the places...Target. The best items sold out quickly. I bought a cutting board and kitchen towel. 

I found this on the Anthropologie website. I LOVE this purse - especially the perforated leather. And that color!  I've never "invested" in an Orla Kiely bag. (Probably never will.)
Orla Kiely also designs beautiful simple clothing and shoes. Oh, and buses.