decorating Easter eggs

We had a night of crafting at Sew and Sews! We met at the lovely home of Rexann. She had darling Easter decorations everywhere. We sat around two large round tables and cut and glued and talked and laughed. 

It brought back memories of our crafting/stitching days when our group first started getting together. It's hard to believe, but that has been about 35 years ago!! Many of us have sons or daughters who were babies when we started attending Sew & Sews. They now have homes, jobs, and children of their own. We laughed about our unfinished projects - some of which are still in closets and cupboards - me included. 

Lisa Ellis taught us how to decorate Easter Eggs with torn napkin pieces and egg white or decoupage. Once we got the basics, the creativity began to flow! It was fun to see what everyone was doing with simple paper napkins. 

These are some of the 48 eggs that Lisa decorated for the evening. 

Lesa and Debbie

Joni and Lisa




Kristen and Rexann

Debbie and Bonnie

                                                                    Debbie and Shari
Lisa and Nancy

Karla played for us on  Rexann's lovely piano.

Rexann's Easter decorations inspired us.

And the pies delighted us!