Love isn't love 'til you give it away!

This Valentine's banner that Becky cut and sewed for us made me happy all month!

And also, my Valentine table runner (that I made last year when I worked for Kim) brought smiles anytime I looked at it.
This sign/quote did too. It's on my kitchen window sill where I see it each morning. It inspires me to go and do. 
So I decided to do some old-fashioned Valentine's door ditching. I gathered tags and ribbon , giant sugar cookies from Old Grist Mill and a variety of Valentine candy. (The tan tag is actually a tag that Scott's sister Jill made for us, along with a plate of fabulous cookies and chocolate candies. All handcrafted by Jill...she's amazing. )
I found cards and stickers to help add loving messages. 
I had a good supply of these cherry M&Ms that were made just for Valentine's Day, I  had to hide them because I knew Scott (and I) would eat more than his share, and I definitely wanted to give a bag to my friend Dorothy who loved them but never could find them in December. The red candy colors are so pretty.

We wrapped up the M&Ms - and laughed at the red "spokescandy" trying to look romantic. Wrote some cheesy words and tied on the cute tags. Dropped them off, but weren't fast enough to do the door ditch thing. 

Now you won't believe this. Scott made banana bread - yes by himself. He gave it away too.  
 We had a grand Valentine's Day, Scott and I, taking goodies to neighbors, staff at work, visiting teaching friends, etc. We talked to family on the phone and opened e-cards from our grandkids.
These Valentines came to us from little Lizzie. The Doc McStuffins theme was adorable and perfect for Dr. Raymond.