the last few days of February

It has been beautiful here lately with spectacular sunsets and mild weather. A bit of rain (thankfully) last week and one huge rainstorm that made my drive home from Salt Lake City on Thursday harrowing, to say the least. When I watch the news and see the terrible snow and ice storms in the east YET AGAIN, I feel so sad for those poor people and so grateful for lucky us (although I KNOW we need the snow and rain to avoid drought this summer).
I love Scott's shots of the sunset and incredible sky above the Wellsville mountains.
Today I went outside and checked out the yard. There are tiny shoots of green everywhere. It feels wrong somehow.
Our resident pheasant is back. He makes a distinctive call and when I hear it, I run to the window to say hello.
And the deer continue to hang out. This is a shot from our deck with the canopy supports framing the buck.
The weekend loafers. They spent the day basking in the sun and enjoying our crab apples and soft grass.