sNowflaKe cooKies

It's snowing today! Finally. 

This picture is from before Christmas, and I put it on Instagram, but I love it so much I had to blog it too. Aren't those cookies gorgeous? The frosting decorations were exquisite and you can't see, but they looked glittery and sparkly too. 
For my snowy picture, I knew I had to place the cookies on the perfect plate. I love the white white Waterford china. I bought one dinner plate and one salad plate when Dillards in Logan closed and their china samples were half of half price. Those silver squiggle-swoops are my favorite. 

My daughter-in-law Sierra and her mom made and decorated the cookies. Sierra and Leslie are awesome at things like sugar cookies and caramel apples and holiday celebrations with fancy food to match. For their Chinese New Year party last week, they had Mike cook Japanese food for them, and they had cute decorations and probably homemade fortune cookies. I love how they do things up right! But I'm most impressed with their sugar cookies (because I love to eat them). Leslie's recipe not only looks great but tastes delicious (the icing too). I probably ate most of the cookies myself because, unlike Scott who can forget food, I kept sneaking into the kitchen for one more nibble.