...cookie day...

Since it's National Cookie Day and this blog is dedicated to cookies (and distractions, which I've had a lot of this evening), I want to share the blog of a cute niece-in-law. 

It's an awesome cooking blog called High Heels and Grills. Sarah and her husband, Zach, post great recipes on their blog. She's the heels and he's the grill. Sometimes, if we're lucky, we get to see pictures of their darling baby who has this cute little face that you could just squeeze. Oops, that's on Facebook, not the blog. 

So back to cookies. I still remember seeing Sarah's very creative version of Sugar Cookies in this blog post

These are cookies to keep in the front of the recipe binder - including the photo. These are cookies to make for a baby shower or Christmas cookie exchange. I'm pretty sure everyone will ask for the recipe because sometimes it's just too labor intensive to make cut-out cookies. These bar cookies have the perfect flavor without the work. 

If you just want to dream about Christmas cookies, then today's special treat is Sarah's Christmas Cookie blog post and link up here. I love checking out all of the bloggers who link their cookie recipes from their blogs to Sarah's blog. If you've never experienced a "link party," this is a great one to check out.