thanKs HaLLmark

I made myself a little sign, so I'd remember what's important. I need to make a shift in direction because I'm focusing too much on little details and fussing too much over "stuff." The other day I stopped what I was doing and said to myself, "You've spent the whole morning managing things." That's boring and unfulfilling. Yes, it's Christmas so some of that's to be expected, but I was getting too involved with process and not people.

I love Hallmark's shopping bags. I love their font - they've used this font on their website and on their print ads and even on the pocket calendars they give away. That font makes me smile.

Don't you love my little wall reminder. Sometimes I glare at it and say, "Life is a STRESSFUL occasion." And that would be very true. But it's special too and so is Christmas.

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