Today I

Loved my little grandbaby Hollis and watched TV with Emmett for a long time. Played ping pong too and SWAT team and cars.

Thought about my family all day and hoped they know how much I love them.

Went to Ross (I call it Rrrrrross) and quickly found exactly what I went for and felt happy about that.

Talked to a favorite friend on the phone and felt gratitude for her and for friendships that are there in spite of neglect or busy-ness.

Made and took dinner to two different people and had two more people come to my house for dinner. Enjoyed it kind of. Was still cleaning the kitchen at midnight.

Listened to Christmas music through it all and later a bit of Jimmy Fallon which alternately makes me laugh and makes me disgusted.

Went to bed with a shiny sink which I try to do every night and mostly succeed. (A habit that remains from years of following Flylady.)

Typed this blog post while sitting in bed, because I'm trying to convince myself that anything is better than nothing.