free Christmas music!

It's November 25 and I'm sure that date is ringing everyone's bells...I know it is mine. I'm decorating my house today...having a good time! Thanksgiving is late this year and anxiety will plague me if the calendar says Nov. 29 or 30 and I haven't started decorating. I always rely on my Crate and Barrel catalog to jumpstart the holiday mood. (The photos in this post are from a special section on their website.)

When I'm in the house alone, I play my Christmas playlists on iTunes and turn up the volume. When Scott comes home, I have to change to regular music because he's an only-in-December-Christmas-music guy.
I have some fun new Christmas tunes thanks to Crate and Barrel. When their "Holiday Inspiration" catalog arrived, I couldn't believe how it was filled with online links to freebies like menus and recipes, tree-decorating tutorials, free e-vites, shared donations, and music. You almost have to have your catalog in one hand and laptop in the other! The link to their free Christmas playlist on iTunes is here or you can go to http://www.crateandbarrel.com/GetTheDownload
Just follow the steps and seven new Christmas tunes will appear in your iTunes library. Pretty cool...thanks Crate and Barrel. There's also a free jazz playlist that's good for when Scott walks in the door.
 While you're visiting the Crate and Barrel website, click here to see their wonderful animated Christmas decorating guide. Just keep scrolling or hitting the arrows for "red and green overload." As you can tell, I like Crate and Barrel's marketing.