BRooKie and Eyes

What a great school assignment! Brookelyn had to spend a day job shadowing and she chose to spend it with her Grandpa Scott. It was a fun day for everyone.
She started out the day by showing that it IS possible to multi-task. No reason to not answer every call...with a phone on each ear. 
  Brookie learned a lot from our receptionist, Sandy, who let her file charts, welcome patients, and accept phone payments.
Maliece is our ophthalmic tech. She taught Brookelyn about the different kinds of equipment for taking care of a variety of eye problems.
 Scott was so thrilled to think that maybe he could influence Brookie to go into medicine or even ophthalmology. They had some good talks about her future. She's a straight A student, so she has lots of potential.
 These are the trial contact lenses. There's lots to learn about different types and prescriptions of lenses. You have to be pretty good at math to figure these out.
Checking to be sure everything is completed before the patient leaves. 
She was pretty quick at figuring out the strange chart filing system.  
And as an extra bonus, she got to have her own eyes examined.  
She can read the smallest line - good news.  
And she won't need to wear glasses because she's 20/15. 
The back of her eye looks good. 
And she has no diseases of the eye. 
Now it's time to try on those glasses she doesn't need. 
The Harry Potter look. 
Last task - cleaning and covering the equipment. Thanks for helping! Grandpa loved it!