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I follow a blog called Occasional Piece-Quilt that's written by a wonderful writer, teacher, grandma, and quilter. I get quite a kick out of opening my email and seeing her name in my inbox indicating that she has a new blog post, because I know I'm about to be treated with excellent writing and, often, pictures of her quilt projects. The writer of this blog inspires me with the extraordinary amount of quilting she does, in spite of having much to do including teaching college classes (English) and grading papers. 

Today, I am intrigued by the quilting "Finish-A-Long" that she tells about. I've heard of quilt-alongs and have followed and pinned on Pinterest the blocks made by many quilters on the Farmer's Wife Quilt-Along. The Finish Along intrigues me enough that I'm going to join it. I do have quilts to finish. I do need a little kick in the seat to get them done. Maybe some social networking and public accountability will do the trick. 

The Finish-A-Long is divided into four quarters. For this quarter (joining it ends at midnight tonight), I'm going to work on finishing four quilts. Two are easy finishes - just bindings - and two are lots of work...but need to be done! You know how it is with quilts - if you don't hurry, you quit liking the fabric and want to start over with new fabrics that you see in online and in shops. So, I've got to finish these so I can get on with all the other quilts waiting to be made (many of them by Kimberbell - the company I work and write for).

she can quilt

Here are the four quilts I want to finish for the Finish-A-Long in the first quarter of 2013. It's an ambitious list (for me) lol. If I get these done, I have four more waiting in plastic bins in my sewing room. Can't wait!

"Tis the Season
Speaking of Kimberbell, this is the Christmas quilt that Kim designed and I made (mostly last year as a mystery quilt). It just needs a bit of embellishment, quilting, and binding. If you love this quilt, here's the link to Kim's downloadable PDF pattern on her pattern website YouCanMakeThis.com. Download today, sew tomorrow, and finish by Christmas...just like me! 

Hip to be Square
This is the quilt I designed and made for Adornit. The finished quilt is at the shop, and belongs to the company. When I made this version, I also cut out many of the squares for my own quilt. It will be easy to finish, and it contains some of my favorite Adornit fabric. 

More Squares

I started this about three years ago. I remember seeing this fabric in the quilt shop and absolutely falling in love with it. It's a Sanae fabric by Moda. The designs and colors are bright and happy. I'm so close on this one...so close.

Sierra's Quilt

I can't take complete credit for this quilt - it was a group effort by me and my daughters for our new daughter/sister-in-law Sierra. It is almost bound - just two and a third sides to go. I can't seem to get it done...maybe I subconsciously don't want to let it go! I do love it. Sierra saw the original quilt on Pinterest and when we told her we wanted to make her a quilt for her wedding to our son/brother Mike, she showed us this quilt. Becky, my SLC daughter, got the ball rolling by drawing up the pattern with sizes and dimensions. Suzie, my Las Vegas daughter, shopped for and coordinated the fabrics and the cut all the blockss. I helped piece the strips and had it quilted. (Thanks Carol Armstrong...Sierra loves the quilting!) I almost finished the binding. You know, one hour...that's all it'll take. So it's my first Finish-Long project.

You can follow along here at the She Can Quilt blog.
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