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Happy New Year! What a lovely sight - the ice and white - around our house and neighborhood. Most lovely to me from the inside looking out actually. It's cold out...and I don't like being cold. Yesterday, New Year's Eve day, I warmed myself by cleaning up every bit of Christmas in the house. I became obsessed with getting anything red or green into a box and Scott meticulously arranged the boxes in the under-stairway closet where we keep the Christmas decorations and some in the attic. I turned the music up loud and pushed to get it all done in one day. Even the tree. Even the quilts. Even the...oh shoot, as I type I remember that the Christmas wreath is still hanging next to the door on the front porch. Well, nearly everything. It felt good to put it all away. As I cleaned I contemplated my "One Little Word" for 2013. Here's a link to the blog of the originator of One Little Word, Ali Edwards (from the scrapbooking world). At the end of her post, you'll see a list of the words that people have chosen. There are three words that I like best and need to choose between. 

I love these photos that Scott took on Christmas Day. He's an excellent photographer. 

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Merilee Averett said...

I love the beautiful, crisp, clean blue and white of January. My house still has red and green hanging around. I'm kicking it out soon. (The physical red and green but not the spirit of red and green)
Happy New Year!