outside: frozen

When it’s this cold outside, everything is motionless. I stand at my front window with my forehead on the cold glass and look out. I listen for sound. None. The stillness is startling. I observe more closely the lack of motion. It’s freezing – the temperature was minus eleven this morning when we got up – now it’s eleven above. No people are out…even cars are minimal. No kids playing, no one even walking their dog. Where are the animals? I see no birds about and no neighbors’ cats. The deer that have spent the winter in our neighborhood have been missing for a week.

Nothing is melting; nothing is dripping. The icicles look like glass embellishments on my house – permanent fixtures outside my kitchen window. The road is quieted by frost – there’s no slush and no rivulets of melting snow. Even the sky is still. I look across my backyard to the field beyond and realize that not even a breeze bends the leafless branches of my lilac bushes and no clouds move lazily across the horizon. The sun is shrouded in a foggy haze and its movement, though present, is imperceptible. 
My corner of the world is frozen. 
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