~ January moRning ~

Such a cold morning. I got up early and looked out to see if the driveway was still clear from my two (that's not one, but two) shoveling efforts yesterday. Why was I surprised to see four more inches of snow? It's January in northern Utah - we SHOULD have snow. I just keep reminding myself that we're so lucky to have this warm home and to be inside looking out.
There's about a foot of snow on our deck. Under the snow, in the northeast corner is a sheet of ice that formed last week when it was so extra extra cold. It's going to take months to thaw all of that. 
After Christmas, I put away everything red except my little berry garland. I left it up over the dining room door because it reminds me of the crabapples outside the window...the crabapples that seem to feed flocks of birds and many deer through the winter. 

It occurs to me as I look out my side door that these are my colors - white, gray, blue, taupe, brown, black. 

There are birds in this crabapple tree. I can barely see them, but I know they're there because of the movement of the branches. If I watch long enough, I see them come and go. 

And there's a deer relaxing under the pine tree. Again, he blends in with the tree trunk, but look closely and there's a dot of a brown nose on a gray face. I just couldn't get the right camera angle to see him.
Yes, that deer seems to be part of the family now. He spends a lot of time in our yard and seems to have claimed that corner as his own. 
I made Scott get up and use the telephoto lens to capture a photo of this dignified-looking buck before he left to join his many friends in the fields behind us. 
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