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Sometimes when I want to waste time with a little mindless blog looking that isn't personal blogs and isn't Martha-type blogs, but is still fun stuff to look at, I drop by the Fossil blog.  To get there, go to fossil.com and click on blog at the bottom of the webpage. The blog is a fun mix of fashion, music, and lifestyle and seems to be written by various staffers at Fossil.
I found a few things I like for spring - like these wonderfully-colored jeans. This green really is and has always been one of my favorite colors. After watching the Target ad for the last month, I think we all want to wear more color.
The jeans trenchcoat - at first I liked it then as I thought about the eighties and all the denim stuff we wore, I'm not so sure. But it does look like spring which is a good thing, right?
I love gray and I love bags and I love gray and brown and orange and if I can talk myself into spending $98 for a casual bag, I'll buy it! It's more a bag for late summer/fall though. Or early spring?
These stretchy bracelets are cute and I love stretchy bracelets because I don't have the patience to strap on a bunch of bracelets in the morning. And the big watch...love it too.
Cute outfit and I just have to add here at the end of this post that I had a tummy tuck on Monday, and there, I said it. I wrote my previous blog post on the weekend about fear and I couldn't wait to get back on the computer to add another post...because I hate blogs or Facebook posts that have cryptic hidden messages in them so that the readers then have to comment, "What are you afraid of?" or whatever. I don't want to not talk about this big thing in my life, so I decided just to say it out loud...although burying it at the end of a Fossil photo spread helps soften it for me lol. It's not a big secret and it's no big deal that I have to whisper about. I had major surgery on Monday, I came home on Tuesday, and here it is Friday and I'm on my computer...though my words are a bit fuzzy probably. and I'm ready to be done and go hit the recliner. I'm doing well and will write more later.