tromping fear

I'm thinking about fear this weekend and did a little web surfing to some favorite "good attitude" experts that I've loved over the years: Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Oprah, Louise Hay. And of course, I've read several religious articles and scriptures too. For me, an hour of reading and then writing in a journal about some of what I learned is the best way to teach myself.

I get such a kick out of this picture of Oprah while she was at Tony Robbins' workshop called Unleash the Power Within. (She's walking on hot coals, not a path of rose petals btw!) This is what he said: 

Tony Robbins: "I was especially privileged to have Oprah at this event. For years I have described her as the ultimate example of someone who’s overcome the most extreme odds to create an extraordinary life of service & contribution. My team worked hard to preserve her privacy during the event so that she could have her OWN experience and be herself. I was thrilled that she stayed for the entire 12 hours, played full out and—in spite of significant fear—was one of the first to storm across the fire!I was equally proud of each and every person in the room. Like Oprah, and like myself, they were all in the midst of coming full circle of— to one degree or another — throwing off rough beginnings and taking steps towards designing the lives we all desire and deserve. The transformations in the room were breathtaking."