skiing in Colorado

We did something new and different - skiing at a real resort in another state.

You can see from this map that Breckenridge, Colorado has an amazing number of lifts, ski runs, and lodges. And skiers.

There were teenaged snowboarders and skiers begging Scott to give them his cool eighties one-piece ski suit. Just kidding - but it makes me feel better about it. He just won't give up the convenience and price of the ole ski suit.

Here's Scott - skiing down gorgeous groomed ski runs and perfectly smooth snow.

Check out that blue sky. We had sunshine for one glorious day. Then snowstorms.

The city of Breck.

The sign fit my attitude about skiing even though I was having fun. I was anxious and fear filled most of the time...worrying about ruined knees or hips for life.

Yea! I did it and a great time. My reward? A trip to Target in the next town!
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