{ whitney }

Watching bits of Whitney Houston's funeral today brought tears and so many memories. I loved Whitney Houston - I will always love her (had to say that). She was with me through the years of raising our family and growing up myself. I can sing every word of most of her albums, but some songs particularly take me back to times and places that were such a part of my past. As all moms, I spent so much time "waiting to exhale," and Whitney's music helped with the wait.

I think my kids certainly associate her music with memories of their growing up years.

I played Whitney CD's when I was happy, sad, discouraged, mad, everything. I listened to her while driving carpools and cooking dinner. Listened while waiting for Scott to come home - he often worked twelve-hour days and those last two hours were always the hardest. Probably my favorite Whitney song was...well it's a toss up. I loved her singing these words from Step by Step from The Preacher's Wife...

I'm taking it step by step, bit by bit,
stone by stone, brick by brick,
Step by step, day by day,
mile by mile, go your own way!

and Shoop Shoop from Waiting to Exhale....

Sometimes you'll laugh
Sometimes you'll cry
Life never tells us
The when's or why's
When you've got friends to wish you well
You'll find a point when
You will exhale (yeah, yeah)

And so many more: I Believe in You and Me, Nobody Loves Me Like You Do, I Will Always Love You, One Moment in Time, and on and on.

I like the photo above because it's her during her "comeback" a couple of years ago - so she's older and had come to a point where she had finally pulled herself together. I'm so sorry it didn't last for her. It's heartbreaking.