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I was looking at a Pottery Barn catalog today and noticed that they had decorated with books in all the rooms they pictured. That reminded me that I had forgotten to post my pictures of Sew & Sews book night at my house. I went kind of crazy for the event by decorating my living room area with books.
I dragged most of the books from our study and bedroom so I could fill every surface with books. Scott has always been quite a book collector and once he owns a book is stubborn about giving it up. So we have more books than we'll ever be able to read.
The shelf above the fireplace was the perfect place to line up Scott's collection of Great Books of the Western World. He started collecting them when the kids were young, and we just kept getting a book per month for several years. There were a few books that somehow didn't come in the set, and so he hunted used bookstores to find the final books. You can see in the center of the row that there are three or four books that don't match the others. Of all of the books, I have only read one. And parts of a couple of others. And I was an English major!
It was late afternoon when I was taking these pictures and the light in the room was incredible. I wish I knew how to use the camera for this kind of light. It was one of those sunny, warm January days that made our winter so enjoyable.
This is a stack of good history books and biographies. I want to read all of them - I've started several.
These books are some that Scott bought when he lived with his family in England when he was in high school. I love that they're blue and look great in the room, so decided to keep them out for awhile.
Two of my all-time favorite books that are pretty too: An Unspoken Hunger by Terry Tempest Williams and Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelen.
I stacked up our large atlases and coffee tables books on...the coffee table. On the corners I put a my favorite books from the last few years - including all of Julia Cameron's books about creativity and writing.
Marilyn and Kristen - fellow readers.
The girls in the kitchen were enjoying refreshments, fresh tulips, AND a row of Scott's leatherbound books about the history of Ophthalmology.
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