{ lovely days here }

we had some wonderful times last week - we really packed the few days that suzie and baby were here and got to visit with relatives on both sides of the family

aaron and aimee gather around the stroller to welcome suzie and baby

aaron is the best dad - he spent the whole day at a dance concert with his girls

becky & mike 'posing' for my camera

emmett, age two, found the baby swing and had to try it out

we went to scott's office to visit his sisters who work for him - here's aunt mary and a costume she's making for a production of "Christmas Carol" showing at SVHS next week

lovely women all

suzie and bergen - cute cousins

bailee and sophie - cute second cousins

these are the 'older kids' now, and hungry hungry hippos is the game of the day

and the 'even older' kids played an awesome game of rumicub

gorgeous aimee and her little claire - only three months old, but growing too fast


my sister and brother with doug's first grandsons - twins!
(in december I will tell the story of the stripe jammies)
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