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I just love that I get to oooh and ahhh and giggle over the grandkids costumes instead of having to dress up my own kids. Being a grandma has many advantages! I get the biggest kick out of these two grandsons & four granddaughters looking adorable for Halloween.

Emmett just HAD to be Winnie the Pooh. His mother, Becky, has had a lifelong LOVE of all things Winnie the Pooh starting with watching the original "silly old bear" video over and over when she was a pre-schooler. And when she was a high-schooler. And have I mentioned that she worked at Disney World after college? Yeah, she's a Pooh girl. I didn't know if Emmett would actually wear his costume, but he did! He and his parents and their two-year-old neighbor boy went trick or treating through the whole neighborhood. We were all so surprised and happy about it.

And this little six-week-old sweetie looking so cute in her Minnie Mouse costume.

Here's baby Claire dressed up as a little ladybug. She just tagged along through all the Halloween activities of her three older siblings and smiled that cute little baby smile.

Little Carter, age 3 1/2, started telling me he was going to be Batman in July. He wore his costume constantly until the big day. He painted his pumpkin to look like Woody.

Bailee was a darling little devil all dressed in red. She thought up the idea to paint her pumpkin like candy corn and was excited to do it.

I'm always surprised when the kids start planning their costumes in the summer - their mom is organized that way - none of the last-minute rush for them. Brookie saw her Twister costume in a catalog and then figured out how to do her cute make-up to match.

Yup - those are our little munchkins. We got to see all of them the day before Halloween at Emmett's birthday party, and it was a treat even better than chocolate!