It's Veteran's Day and my favorite part was seeing the flags lining the streets of our neighborhood. The flags looked beautiful as they fluttered in the cool breeze and were framed by golden trees in the background.

It was also an date that only happens once in a hundred years. We got our photos of Nov. 11th at eleven minutes after 11 o'clock. Scott was at work and told his patient that he had to go take the picture and the patient followed him into his office to watch. Scott's sister Mary who works for him was the photographer. (Mary just got home from watching her son and his fiancee run the New York Marathon!)

I was home and had my camera all set up to take a self-timer photo. I decided to hurry and put on lipstick and somehow took too long and it was 11:12 when I got back to the clock. I was so mad - but then realized I had another chance. Tonight Scott took the picture and made sure even the second hand was on 11.
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