getting ideas for 'giving thanks' table decor

Nice "monogram" candles and deep, rich colors. Notice that it says Thanksgiving backwards.

I'm going to dig out my pewter platter & bowl. Pewter is kinda 70's and kinda timeless.

I've never seen photos arranged into the centerpiece - but it could be nice if they were copies and not the real thing.

I love the armoire in the background. Probably cuz it's blue.

I'm liking that wire stand and I'm glad I found this picture because I have a tiered platter that I need to get out for Thanksgiving Day.

I've noticed that cross stitch is showing up here and there - it had kind of faded as a popular hobby, but now it's back. This cross stitch is done with a glass-safe marker.

Love, love the black in this photo...even more than my black turtleneck and black pants.

Why not set my table out in the green field behind my house? Oh, because it's white.

I just simply love the brown and white china. That's all.

And last but not least...a place for the kids.

Note to marthastewart.com - the cushions on the kids' chairs are a bad idea.