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Vignette is a gorgeous quilting and stitching magazine that makes me want to hide in my sewing room, not answer the phone or doorbell, and sew, stitch, and quilt until I finish every project on every page of every issue...or at least read every word (I seem to do more of that actually, no matter what). Instead, I just stare at the cover photos and read their blog.

This publication is from Australia - no surprise to me - the Aussies seem to have extra-wonderful flair in both sewing and scrapping. One thing that intrigues me in the magazine is the block-of-the-month mystery quilt that appears in each issue. How fun it would be to create a quilt that way.

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Perri said...

Hi Debbie,
Justt stopped by to say thank you for sharing the Vignette Blog ... this quilt is beautiful and each issue of Vignette is wonderful .. by the talented Leanne from Leanne's House.
Happy stitching, P