in the merry month of May ...

Brookelyn turned TEN! We had a little party for her at Becky's house and should have given her a thousand presents - she's that good and sweet and smart and cute. (Grandma bias.)
Aaron relaxed for about five minutes this month - and I got a picture of it. He's a busy guy and I'm proud of him - but most important of all, he's Brookie's dad - and a good dad at that! And I can't mention Aaron without praising his cute wife Aimee - she's a jewel.

Gordo got married!! Gordo is Mike's best friend since grade school - and he's pretty darn special to me and Scott too. We are so happy for Gordo and Jess! She was a beautiful, radiant bride and her dress was fabulous - the photo doesn't show it, but oh, it was cute. And their reception was wonderful too...

Buffalo played at the reception and sounded so good. Gordo has been Buffalo's "manager" and biggest fan. He introduces the band when they perform and usually tells a funny story to warm up the audience. So it was natural that he'd ask them to play. They sounded so good. All those late nights practicing paid off in a grand way.

Pitt, Emmett and Becky were at the reception which made it extra special for me and Scott. I got to show Emmett to all my friends and watch him dance to Buffalo's "joy" song.

Just when I thought my smile couldn't get any bigger...a photo came in my email of pregnant Suzie.

If that isn't merry I don't know what is!!!