beautiful "blue" portugal

I knew Portugal would have European charm and wonderful old buildings. I knew there would be beaches and ocean views and sunny skies. What I didn't expect is that everything is painted blue and white! The homes (actually white stucco homes with blue-trimmed doors and windows), the plates, the pottery, the businesses, even the tower advertising McDonalds at the local mall. Since I'm a lover of "blue & white" anything, I have been enthralled and thrilled with all the blue. Around every bend there are blue skies, blue seasides or blue buildings. I love it!

We are loving our time here - today was gorgeous with perfect 70 degree temperatures and few crowds at the touristy places we went. This afternoon we drove up the coast along a coastal highway and saw centuries-old fishing villages, ancient cathedrals and medivial (sp)castles. We walked on cliffs above the area that was considered "the end of the earth" in the times of the great ocean navigators like Magellan and Columbus (when they believed the earth to be flat). We had delicious bread and cheese and yes...cold 'Coke Lite.'And the Portuguese M&Ms are made of the best chocolate - would it be strange for me to try to ship a case of those home? We've had quite the ordeals with 'Shaunie' our name for our GPS system. She speaks in a British accent and has taken us on the most wild and crazy routes. We'll never go to sleep at the wheel with Shaunie around. Enjoy Scott's blue photos!